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Luofu valve-Xinjiang Heshuo County organic vegetable deep processing project Chengyaou Expo attracts investment hotspots

2018/11/12 14:37

Tianshan Net News (Special Reporter He Hongliang reports) "Is this a Hesuo County booth? I would like to know what Heshuo County has in terms of organic vegetable processing." On the afternoon of September 2, from Khorgos Port of Xinjiang Mr. Huo, an exporter of agricultural and sideline products, made a special trip to the booth of Heshuo. Since the 1990s, he has been engaged in vegetable export trade. The anti-season pollution-free solar greenhouse greenhouse vegetables produced by Heshuo are favored by Central Asian merchants. . Later, the agricultural and sideline products such as chili sauce and tomato sauce produced in Heshuo County were very popular in the Central Asian market. Therefore, he came to the booth of Heshuo this time to see if there is any investment in the deep processing of vegetables to invest in Heshuo. The factory will use its personal connections with the Central Asian merchants accumulated over the past decades to bring products to the world and take a path of planting, processing and sales. It is understood that Heshuo County is one of the bases for the demonstration of organic vegetable cultivation in the autonomous region. It has been developing greenhouse plants for greenhouse cultivation since the 1990s. It is one of the three anti-season vegetable cultivation bases in the autonomous region. In recent years, Heshuo County has vigorously developed green and organic pollution-free vegetable cultivation, in-depth development of brand name creation activities for agricultural products, and established 150,000 mu of green food raw material base, 54 certified pollution-free agricultural products, 2 green foods and 2 organic foods. One. Aromatic manor belonging to agricultural products was awarded the famous trademark of the autonomous region. Mankam, Ruifeng Winery, Xu Laozhu and Dingding were rated as well-known trademarks of the autonomous prefecture.
In this year's Asia Expo, Heshuo County brought construction projects for pollution-free vegetable production bases, construction projects for flowers and famous fruit trees, small-scale pressed and refined edible oil processing projects, 5000 tons/year processed organic vegetable products, and beets. Deep processing projects, pepper deep processing projects, natural fruit vinegar deep processing projects and other 13 organic vegetable deep processing projects have received extensive attention from domestic and foreign merchants, and it is expected to hold the “Golden Tortoise” at this Asian Games Fair.