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Luofu Valve - Pumping Industry Skills Competition held in Maolin Town, Ji County

2018/11/12 14:18

In order to fully mobilize the production enthusiasm and creativity of employees of non-public enterprises, improve the production skills of employees, and enhance employees' sense of belonging and identity to the company, on October 26, the Maolin Township General Union of Jixian County held an industry skill competition.
In this pump and valve industry skill competition, a total of 7 players from 5 pump and valve enterprises in Maolin Town participated. During the competition, each player needs to complete the three steps of pattern measurement, positioning reference, and machining. The players concentrate on their skills, and their skilled movements and precise techniques make the employees on the scene praise the fastest players in less than 20 minutes. All the steps are completed. The referees continued to check among the contestants, carefully reviewing their production and processing techniques, and comprehensively scored the pump valve process requirements, macro, line, size of each part and completion time, and finally took the top three. Received the first, second and third prizes.
It is understood that there are 7 pump and valve enterprises in Maolin Town, with an annual output value of 150 million, which has become one of the four leading industries in Jixian County. In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, the pump and valve industry has ushered in an unprecedented development opportunity. The holding of the pump and valve industry skill competition strengthened the communication between the industry and the elements of the industry chain, enhanced the industry cohesiveness, enhanced the core competitiveness of the industry, and laid a good foundation for the transformation and upgrading of the entire pump and valve industry in Maolin. .