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The sales department will reply within 4 hours after receiving the customer's regular consultation or technical consultation. The special product reply will not exceed one day, and the product bid reply time will meet the customer time requirement. If necessary, the product outline drawing can be attached when replying to the inquiry. Specifications, main components, standards, product profiles and other related materials. When the manufacturing process serves the mass-produced products or when the customer requests, the customer is invited to the factory to carry out monitoring and re-inspection of the product manufacturing process. If there is no requirement, the enterprise will enter the raw materials into the factory for physical and chemical inspection, special process inspection, finished product inspection and other relevant inspection basis. Organize the document for filing. After-sales service
Each product of the company is shipped with the product manual (when the conditions are ripe, the product will be manufactured, inspected, used, installed, and maintained). If the customer needs or the contract stipulates, the product shall be inspected and installed on the customer's side or on-site, and the enterprise may send engineering and technical personnel to conduct on-site guidance (charge a reasonable fee).
When receiving customer product quality complaints
a. Within 4 hours, reply, understand, and determine the treatment plan.
b. Arrive at the scene within 24 hours (the dealer has established a dealer, service network or traffic permit).
c. If it is a product quality reason, the service fee is borne by the enterprise. If it is not a product quality problem, the service fee paid by the user is paid by the user.
d. If the purchase is wrong due to customer reasons, the company will exchange other products for free.
Product Quality Service
1. The valve products provided by the company are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the product standards. The connection standards are manufactured according to GB/T12221-89, GB/T9112, ANSI B 16.10, JB/T74-94, GB/T9113, HGJ44, etc. or user requirements. The inspection and implementation of GB/T13927-92, JB/T9092, API1598-1996 and other standards.
2. All the factory valve products, such as structural design, parts and materials, valve body wall thickness and other items are in line with relevant national standards and departmental requirements.
3. The warranty period of the valve products provided by the company is 12 months. If the product quality defects are found during the warranty period, the company is responsible for the three guarantees (ie repair, replacement, and return), and is responsible for the return shipping.