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Company Profile

Company Profile

The company is located at the town of pump valves in China – the scenic north shore of Oujiang in the Dong'ou Industrial Park, Oubei Town, Yongjia County, Zhejiang, close to the national scenic spot Yandang Mountains and Nanxi River, enjoying a favorable location, and convenient land, sea and air transport conditions. The Company was originally named Zhejiang Luofu Boiler Accessories Factory. In June 2005, approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the company was renamed Luofu Valve Group Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of RMB 100.88 million. The company has become member of the resources market of Sinopec Supplies and Equipment Co., Ltd., Grade-A material supplier of CNPC (member of energyahead.com), CNOOC network provider, Grade-A member of Shenhua Group network, qualified supplier of China National Chemical Group, and qualified supplier of Wison Engineering (China) Co., Ltd. In 2013 11, approved by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the company obtained the ASME “UV” certification. Over the years, the company has provided various American Standard valve products with reliable quality and reasonable prices for domestic petroleum, petrochemical, coal chemical, electric power and other industries, being highly praised by users (see the performance table). At the same time, our company has established good cooperative relations with Sinopec Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd., PetroChina East China Investigation and Design Institute, China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd., China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd., Hualu Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Daqing Petrochemical Design Institute, Shengli Oil Institute, Fushun Petrochemical Design Institute and other relevant units, and signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with the refinery projects and ethylene projects of subordinate units of PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC.
2. Company size and main products
The Company now has a plant area of 13,000 square meters, with a floor area of 14,700 square meters, being equipped with 200 sets/units of various mechanical processing equipment (including a processing center), 23 sets/units of testing equipment (including safety valve delivery inspection test bench), one safety valve full-performance testing device, with a maximum caliber of DN200/8”, and a maximum pressure of 10MPa/600Lb. It is also equipped with magnetic particle fault detector and Enos spectrometer, universal testing machine, carbon and sulfur analyzer, ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray detector, spring tension and compression testing machine, helium mass spectrometer leak testing equipment and other equipment for testing materials coming into the plant. The company now has a total valve products production staff of 172 people, and 29 technical personnel (including 1 senior professional title holder and 6 intermediate professional title holders). The valve products are divided into American Standard Series and National Standard Series, and the American Standard breathing valve series.

The American Standard valves are designed, manufactured, and tested according to API520, ASME I, ASME VIII, API526, API527 standards. The national standard valves are designed, manufactured, and tested according to GB/T12241, GB/T12242, GB/T12243-2005 standards.
Product types: spring, pilot valves, bellow back pressure balanced valves, and high-performance steam safety valves for insulation jacket urea plant. The materials are WCB, LCB, CF8 (304), C F8M (316), CF3M (316L), 316L.mod, 304L, 304H, 310S, 321, C12A, 17-4PH, and special materials such as HC, HB, Monel, Ti, Ni and the like. Bellows materials: 316L, HC, Inconel 718 and so on. Spring materials: 50CrVA, 30W4Cr2VA, 17-7PH, 316, Inconel 750 and so on. American Standard valves: pressure 150Lb ~ 2,500Lb, size 1/2 “to 20”; GB Series: PN 1.6MPa ~ 42MPa, specifications DN15 ~ DN600.
Breathing valve products are designed, manufactured, and tested according to API 2000 standard; size: 2 “to 14”, pressure range: -83 ~ 103.4MPa, materials: WCB, LCB, CF8 (304), CF3 (304L), CF8M (316) , CF3M (316L), ALLOY (aluminum) and so on.
3. Operation philosophy and quality policy & quality assurance
Upholding the business philosophy of “customer first, integrity based”, the company proposed the quality policy of “being based on quality, strengthening management, continuous improvement, and customer first”. they attach importance to the needs of each customer (or project) and the product quality, having established project teams to coordinately arrange the design, manufacture, and inspection work, to ensure that the products are delivered with assured quantity, quality and schedule. They emphasize on talent selection, training, incentives, performances and other aspects of work. It is a hot land gathering first class professional talents. The company has created a good environment for the growth of each talent, where each one has the ability and ambition can display their talents and realize their ambitions.
The Company has established a strict quality control system, control steps, and control points in accordance with ISO9001: 2008 “Quality Management System requirements” and the requirements in “special equipment manufacturing license”. The quality control for all the staff and the whole process have been strictly carried out in accordance with the system files and the TS requirements. They also implement technical researches and process validations for major technical and quality issues; for the key processes in production, quality control points have been designed to strengthen the prevention and control; three control processes are established for the strict quality inspection: incoming inspection, semi-finished inspection and finished products inspection; and the three-inspection system, with special inspection as the main task, supplemented by self-inspection and mutual inspection; the labels on semi-finished, finished products and substandard products in warehouses, at workshops, and on production lines should be distinctively identified, to ensure the traceability of product quality.
The company has physical and chemical labs and NDT rooms which can test carbon steel, alloy steel, austenitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, special steel and other materials. The NDT room is equipped with liquid penetration PT testing, magnetic particle MT flaw detection, RT-ray flaw detection, and ultrasonic UT flaw detection. It can also conduct NDT tests for valve bodies, welded parts, stems, springs and so on.
In order to ensure product quality and meet customer needs, we have been continuously deepening the internal management, and spending all efforts to improve the quality awareness of all staff, to wholeheartedly provide customers with quality products.